Video of Lionel Messi shows the hardest part of being a footballer

A video of Barcelona star Lionel Messi has emerged which is shown by Marca and which is described as illustrating the most difficult aspect of being a footballer.

The footage emerged on social media outlet TikTok, which shows the Argentine star leaving the Catalan club’s sporting facilities in his car before being surrounded by fans gathered outside, who then begin filming the player.

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TikTok user (guillembarbeta02) shared the 37-second long footage with his followers of Messi’s car being surrounded by the fans who then stick out their phones right next to his car’s windows to film him at close range.

Whilst the 33-year-old is seen smiling throughout the footage, the report argues that it also is evident that he is doing so merely for politeness and that it is evident that he appears to be fed up with the scrutiny.

Of course, it is natural that many fans will want to record close-up footage of their idols and this is something that most footballers have to deal with on a daily basis, and this is intensified for global stars such as Messi.

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