Barcelona star rails against French police brutality

Barcelona star Antoine Griezmann has railed against an incident of police brutality in France as detailed in Diario Sport.

Griezmann took to Twitter after learning of the brutal incident where a music producer named Michel was beaten and insulted by police for 15 minutes.

Michel left his studio without a mask, and upon seeing police officers turned around and re-entered his studio.

The police then illegally entered and the incident took place. Local cameras recorded the entire incident.

“My France hurts me,” is what Griezmann wrote on Twitter to denounce the act.

Griezmann, 29, was born in Macon in France to a father of Germanic descent and a mother of Portuguese descent.

Since the age of 14, however, he’s spent his entire career in Spain.

He began his footballing journey with Real Sociedad before a five-year stint with Atletico Madrid. Griezmann joined Barcelona in the summer of 2019.

With France, Griezmann won the U19 European Championship in 2010 and reached the final of the 2016 European Championship.

In the summer of 2018, however, came his crowning glory, when he won the World Cup in Russia.

Featured image courtesy of Stadium Astro.

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