Arturo Vidal’s red card is the latest in a line of incidents with Real Madrid

Arturo Vidal has history with Real Madrid that added a new chapter last night in Italy as observed by Marca.

With his Inter Milan team 1-0 down to Los Blancos a half-hour into a crucial Champions League clash the ex-Barcelona player was sent off after two consecutive yellow cards earned by excessively complaining to the referee over his failure to award what he deemed to be an Inter penalty.

Inter would go on to lose the game 2-0 thanks to goals from Eden Hazard and Rodrygo, with Vidal’s sending off undoubtedly a crucial moment in the game.

Vidal’s animosity with Madrid started back in 2016/17, when the Chilean was at Bayern Munich and they played each other in a Champions League knockout game.

Vidal missed a penalty in the first leg and was sent off in the 84th minute of the second. Madrid qualified.

“It is crazy the they steal a game like this,” he said at the time. “Two goals offside and I’m wrongly sent off. This theft cannot happen in a Champions League tie.”

Bayern and Madrid crossed paths again the following year, this time without the presence of Vidal, who was injured.

The Chilean was very much there, however, shouting at referees and posting expletive-filled rants on social media after Madrid edged through 4-3 on aggregate.

This season’s result in the blue and black of Inter has just added to this animosity. Vidal’s only comfort against the Spanish champions in the competition is when he was part of the Juventus team that eliminated them in the semi-finals of the Champions League back in 2015.

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  1. Sunusi isah says:

    That is good Anthony Taylor

  2. Tommy Kanos says:

    Taylor did everything, like countless referees before him, to assure Real’s win. Two 50-50 incidents led to one penalty for Real and one denial against Inter. We have seen this many times before. At least half of Real’s Champions League and Cup
    were the result of favorable and corrupt refereeing decisions. Real’s players get away with worse incidents than Vidal’s.

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