Real Madrid training only with players who have recovered from Covid-19

Real Madrid’s training sessions during an international break are always a little different that normal due to the mass number of absentees from their ranks.

However, this week is even more different than usual as they have only been calling players up to first-team training who have already recovered from Covid-19 and have antibodies to the virus, as outlined by Marca.

Marcelo, Isco, Mariano Diaz and the third choice goalkeeper Altube were the only senior players to be in training at the start of the week, so multiple players from the club’s Castilla side were given the chance to train alongside them, as well as a handful of players from Juvenil A – the most senior youth side.

All of these teams have their own separate Covid-19 measures and tests but due to health guidance, all squads have had to train separately as to minimise the risk of infection.

This explains why only players who had Covid-19 antibodies were allowed to mix in Madrid training this week as a precaution to minimise the possibility of any spread within the facilities.

Image via Marca