La Liga reduce Barcelona’s wage cap by over €288m

La Liga have reduced Barcelona‘s wage cap by over €288m.

The limit was at €671m last season and has now been set at €382.7m, a fall of €288.3m.

The total wage limit for all 20 La Liga clubs is €2.33bn, down €610m on last season.

Real Madrid have been brought down to €468.5m from €641m, while Atletico Madrid are at €252.7m from €384.5m.

Each club already knew theirs, but La Liga have released the figures today for reasons of transparency.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a massive impact on the figures available to each club, with Barcelona harmed more than anyone else.


Javier Tebas, La Liga’s president, had already made clear the serious economic problem that the pandemic has caused Spanish football and spoke to Marca of the need to reduce expenses.

“We still have excess spending of about €500m because clubs can’t move on players with contracts,” he said. “An exercise has been made to reduce salaries. The most affected in Spain are Valencia, Barcelona and Real Madrid.

“The bigger the club, the more it will be affected. It’s going to be difficult for players to join in the winter market.”

Tebas’ words have been reflected in the figures – last summer there was a 66% reduction in player purchases compared to the summer of 2019.

Featured image courtesy of ESPN.

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