Barcelona board inform Catalan police of criminal activity in vote of no confidence motion

Barcelona have reported criminal activity to the Catalan police in relation to the vote of no confidence which has passed the threshold of verified signatures.

20,687 votes were gathered for the motion against the club president Josep Maria Bartomeu, passing the threshold of 16,250 signatures – although some of those signatures are thought to be fraudulent, with 18,090 claimed to be valid.

Indeed, La Vanguardia develop reports that up to 300 ballots have flagged criminal behaviour that the club thought was sufficient to inform the relevant authorities.

The Catalan media outlet claim to have access to the letter that the club sent to the police authorities.

The club warns that everything would seem to point to a perfectly planned and orchestrated campaign in order to harm the board and its president by illicit means, away from the channels of democratic participation recognized in the statutes.”

It is said that certain sections of ballots presented similar handwriting and hallmarks that raised the alarm with the club.

The complaint was filed with the head of the Judicial Police Unit of Barcelona, Daniel Baena.

This could be viewed as an attempt from the club to attack the motion, which threatens to remove Bartomeu and his board.

The position of Bartomeu at Barcelona has come under great scrutiny in recent times following a trophyless campaign combined with Lionel Messi’s attempted forced exit from the club, which the board blocked.

Last month, Catalan police accused the beleaguered club supremo on corruption charges, although Bartomeu continues to deny such allegations.

His term as club president will end next year with elections called for March, but a group of fans want to force an earlier exit this year, as per Diari Catalunya.

Bartomeu has held the position for two terms but he will nominate a ‘continuity’ candidate who is close to the incumbent and comes from a side of the club’s board which is viewed as more conservative.

The Catalan entrepreneur started in the role in 2014, following the resignation of Sandro Rosell – who was his close friend and associate who served as his vice-president.

All candidates come from different sections within the club’s hierarchy, with differing views on how the club should be run and what it stands for.

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