Barcelona future as a club in doubt if president Bartomeu forced to resign in no confidence vote – report

The financial ramifications for Barcelona are severe if club president Josep Maria Bartomeu is forced to resign through a vote of no confidence, report Diario Sport.

It is said by the report that former Blaugrana president Sandro Rosell has met with multiple prospective future presidents to warn them against attempting to capitalise on the current uncertainty of the board as it could backfire, with the future of Barcelona as a club even at stake.

20,687 votes were gathered for a motion to bring a motion of no confidence in Bartomeu, passing the threshold of 16,250 signatures – with over 4,400 needing to be identified as false in the verification process to stop the motion being brought forward.

A rigorous process will now take place over the course of ten days to verify the signatures and allow a motion to either be held or withdrawn.

Marta Plana and Jordi Argemí are representing the board in the process, while the representative of the Catalan Football Federation (FCF) is Josep Maria Vallbona.

Jordi Farré and Josep Triadó, the first two signatories of the motion, will also be involved along with Joan Trayter, Síndic of the ‘soci’, but he will not hold a vote despite having a say in the conversation.

The position of Bartomeu at Barcelona has come under great scrutiny in recent times following a trophyless campaign combined with Lionel Messi’s attempted forced exit from the club, which the board blocked.

Earlier this month, Catalan police accused the beleaguered club supremo on corruption charges, although Bartomeu continues to deny such allegations.

His term as club president will end next year with elections called for March, but a group of fans want to force an earlier exit this year, as per Diari Catalunya.

Bartomeu has held the position for two terms but he will nominate a ‘continuity’ candidate who is close to the incumbent and comes from a side of the club’s board which is viewed as more conservative.

The Catalan entrepreneur started in the role in 2014, following the resignation of Sandro Rosell – who was his close friend and associate who served as his vice-president.

All candidates come from different sections within the club’s hierarchy, with differing views on how the club should be run and what it stands for.

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  1. Bartomew’s main aim at the helm of Barca’s board is to bring to halt; all our progressive movement based on on the Catalan vs. Spain secession issue however, for us to sail without stain,we rather allow him to complete his tenure by March 2021; therefore, we could easily vote in our preferred candidate. He’s a part to Spanish plan to frustrate Catalonia’s agitation for Independence; by molesting our great club in order to divert the attention from such noble course!

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