La Liga to continue with five substitutions for teams this season

La Liga and the Spanish FA have confirmed that they will continue with five substitutions per team for games in the 2020-21 season.

The rule was initially introduced as a short-term measure when the 2019-20 campaign resumed in June, with the argument that a heightened fixture schedule meant that more substitutions would ease fatigue and risk for injuries.

However, it had been expected that the temporary measure would then be removed for the start of the new campaign with the rule reverting to just three substitutions per match for each side.

That has not happened, and the increased number of subs will be continued – although they must be made in just three specified slots to minimise disruption to the game.

Furthermore, it has also been confirmed that matchday squads will continue with 23 players per team rather than the previous limit of 18 players per squad.

The changes will impact the top two divisions in Spanish football.

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