Sergio Ramos’ future plans revealed for after his final year at Real Madrid

Today’s front page of AS screams one thing: “RAMOS 2020”.

The Real Madrid defender’s contract (if you didn’t get the message) is the subject of the article, with the paper outlining a few details about what direction he and the club are going to go in.

His current deal expires at the end of next season, and Madrid are apparently only going to offer him one year more – hence 2022.

Whether they will take it as it comes at that point or that is their limit for the 34 year old isn’t clear. But in any case, Ramos has his own plans.

He wants to go and play in the US, according to AS, and then? Become a coach.

It will be a real treat seeing his English skills in the interviews in the MLS (I’m allowed to laugh because I have spent years with a terrible Spanish accent). And Ramos as a coach? Now that we can’t wait to see.

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