Lautaro Martinez will have to battle Luis Suarez to the end says Rivaldo

Lautaro Martinez looks all teed up for a huge move to Barcelona this summer.

The Argentina striker has had an exceptional year at Inter Milan, and has earned himself the favour of the Catalan club’s scouts. They’re preparing to spend serious money on him, hoping he will be the forward to squeeze the best final seasons out of Lionel Messi.

It won’t be plain sailing though, and Brazi legend Rivaldo has explained exactly why in his Betfair column:

“Barcelona seem to be keen to sign Lautaro Martínez and he is a great player that could fit in well at the club, especially as he is still young,” but it’s not as simple as that.

“Luís Suárez, the player could replace in the long term, is not getting any younger but he probably has at least two or three more years at the highest level.”

Suarez may look a little thick around the middle, and may take a few months to get going each season, but he’s a born fighter, and always makes himself invaluable by the season’s end.

Suarez will make the new guy feel welcome, and will be as keen for him to succeed as anyone – but Martinez shouldn’t be expecting an easy ride, no matter what his price tag is. The Uruguayan never goes down without a fight.

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