Angel Di Maria explains why he’s glad his Barcelona transfer didn’t happen

Angel Di Maria has had an interesting career, at some of the best clubs in Europe.

From Benfica to Real Madrid, Madrid to Man U and then to PSG, the Argentine winger has seen it all.

It almost went very differently, however. Back in 2017 Neymar made the world record move from Barcelona to PSG, Di Maria almost was sent the other way.

But speaking in quotes picked up by L’Equipe, he explained that he’s glad that move:

“I was very happy in Paris, but people at the club at the time told me some things, which turned out to be lies in the end,” he related.

“Barca tried to get me to come. The two clubs discussed it, but PSG did not want to sell me and it ended there.

“These lies annoyed me a lot but, in the end, not leaving was a good thing because I am very happy in Paris today.”

It’s easy to imagine him fitting in nicely at the Nou Camp, and he certainly couldn’t have done any worse than the man they did end up signing, Ousmane Dembele.

But on he other hand maybe staying put in one place after bouncing around the top teams for so long was a good thing. He has really become established at PSG now, and moving to Barcelona would not only have risked that, but also ruined his reputation at Real Madrid, where he excelled in a four year spell.


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