Clement Lenglet says players are going to “risk a lot” by playing remaining La Liga games

Clement Lenglet was the guest of honour on La Liga broadcaster Movistar’s “Partidazo” show last night, and the defender explained how the Barcelona camp were feeling about the impending return to action in La Liga.

After a long break for the coronavirus crisis, teams have finally returned to full on training this week, and now have just under two weeks before games are back again.

There will then be a mad 5 week flurry of matches, in the June and July heat of Iberia, to get the 2019/2020 season wrapped up, and in quotes picked up by Sport, Lenglet pointed out the risks.

“We know we’re gong to risk a lot, playing so many games after a three month break and in the heat. It’s going to be hard on the body, we have to prepare well to avoid injuries.”

He’s not wrong. It’s going to be a massive test for teams, but Barcelona don’t have the worst of it.

For one thing they are in one of the cooler parts of the country – relatively speaking – so the temperatures will affect then less than the others.

Not only that, but… it’s Barcelona. They’ve got a better squad than anyone in the division apart from Real Madrid, and a legendary academy to call on for younger players.

Yes it will likely be a hectic and injury prone return to action, but when players start dropping out, would you rather have Barca’s bench or Leganes’?

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