Barcelona to half number of scouts in major cutbacks

Barcelona are set to reduce their scouting department by over percent as part of cutbacks across the club, report ESPN.

It is said that the club’s number of scouts – the department currently has 40 employees across a variety of positions – will be reduced to between 15 and 20 after the cutbacks.

Whilst no specific individuals or scouting areas are mentioned in the report, it is said that many of those who will be leaving will see their contracts at the club expire at the end of the current season.

The scouting department employees many individuals on significant wage packets but also many who do the job on a part-time basis, with the report claiming that many are on as little as €600 per month.

It has been claimed that reductions were planned before the coronavirus pandemic but the economic impact of the health crisis may have accelerated the situation.

Barcelona put their employed staff on an ERTE scheme earlier this month – relying on government aid to help fund reduced wage packets during the pandemic, although a 70% wage reduction agreed by the club’s first-team playing staff have reduced the impact on non-playing staff.

The Catalan club are said to be in need of reducing their wage bill this summer and need to make a €70m profit in player transfers this year.

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