Barcelona very likely to sign Kaio Jorge according to Italian sources

Barcelona are always looking to hoover up the best young talents in football, and that’s especially true when it comes to South American players.

They constantly look to try and pick up the next Neymar or the next Leo Messi, and the man who has their attention now is Kaio Jorge of Santos.

Our friends at SempreMilan have a piece on the subject, where they quote Radio Rossonera’s Pietro Balzano Prota.

He was on a Twitch stream where he explained that Juventus were the only Italian side interested in Jorge (much to the disappointment of the Milan supporters), but that Barcelona were “very likely” to be the ones to have the best shot at Jorge thanks to the €60m asking price slapped on him.

Already a Brazil youth international and with a bright future ahead of him, it’s understandable why the big teams are lining up to bid for him. Whether any of them will decide he’s worth €60m already is another matter.


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