Andres Iniesta names his favourite La Liga midfielders

It’s now two years since Andres Iniesta left Barcelona and La Liga to play in Japan, but the legendary Barcelona player is still fondly remembered across Spain.

He’s given a great video interview with La Liga, remembering his best moments as Barcelona player. You can see the full, rather touching piece here.

Hearing him talk about his last game at the Nou Camp, with the enormous Tifo in the stands, captaining the side against Real Sociedad and receiving a stunning ovation at the end is really magical.

He also went through a ton of other interesting subjects, including being asked to name his favourite midfielder currently in the league is – he chose some old teammates, along with a true legend of the division. A typically politically savvy answer from him.

He even discussed this season’s title race -although he wasn’t going to get caught giving a prediction about who would win it. That’s just not Iniesta’s style.

“The ‘wheeler dealer’ tag that gets trotted out about Harry is a load of nonsense. Harry understands people and he understands football and the biggest compliment I could give him is that he could manage Real Madrid, England or Dagenham and be successful in all three jobs.” – Find out who said this about Harry Redknapp right here

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