Sergio Ramos injuring Mohamed Salah was a masterstroke

This is a good time to release a celebrity memoir, given how much time people have on their hands, and how little non-coronavirus news is out there.

Gioigio Chiellini has certainly seen enough in his long career to justify filling up a book, and as always, now it’s been released the juiciest stories are being picked apart online.

AS have selected one directly related to Spain – the story of the 2018 Champions League semi final between Juve and Real, controversially won by Madrid thanks to a late penalty.

Chiellini tells the whole story, but also mentions what happened when Los Blancos got to the final.

Having beaten Juve (just), they had to play an in form Liverpool in the final. The game changed early on when ergoi Ramos dragged down Mo Salah, and injured him so badly that he had to be taken off.

Ramos has always denied that this was deliberate in any way, but his fellow centre-back Chiellini doesn’t buy that for a second. He calls it a “masterstroke” and points out that pulling Salah that way was always going to lead to injury if it was done right.

And that’s a man whose word on the subject we’d be inclined to take…

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