Antonio Conte sets his sights on Arturo Vidal, and may well get him

Arturo Vidal has had a funny career, bouncing around the top teams in the top leagues.

He’s had success everywhere he’s gone, overall, and with his national team too. His latest chapter in Barcelona came as something of a surprise, but he’s made the most of limited starts.

Now the Blaugrana would rather like to sell him in order to raise money for further signings, and they might have found a buyer. According to Mundo Deportivo, Antonio Conte of Inter Milan is a big fan and wants to take the midfielder back to Serie A.

We can see that being true – Conte loves older, more experienced players and is happy to push for his club to sign them even if they might only get a year or two’s use out of them.

The article even says that the Italian manager wanted Vidal in January of this year.

In any case, given Barca are happy to sell and Inter happy to buy, and his cost is low given his age, a deal should get done, despite the coronavirus chaos.

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