Andy Robertson says he was ripped apart by Real Madrid star Eden Hazard

Andy Robertson has come far, from a Championship player a few years ago to a Champions League winning left back with Liverpool last summer.

He’s faced some pretty decent players along the way, not least the likes of Lionel Messi when the Reds beat Barcelona in Europe last season.

But Messi wasn’t his choice when he named players who had really given him the runaround in his career so far.

In quote picked up by the Daily Mail, the full back explained that he had been ripped apart by the Belgian winger at Stamford Bridge in 2014 when he played for Hull, and thought that might be the end of his time at the top level:

“When I was at Hull I played against Hazard when he won the player of the year and he ripped me apart at Stamford Bridge. It’s a game I never thought I’d recover from but luckily I did!”

The good news for Robertson is that Hazard is at Madrid now, and the Scot won’t have to worry about facing him twice a week.

On the other hand, once the Champions League is up and running there’s bound to be a Liverpool – Real game in the final stages at some point in the next few years, and he might have to relive that nightmare all over again.

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