Newcastle’s money could unlock the transfer market for Barcelona and Real Madrid

Every day we hear more news about the economic damage being done to football clubs by the coronavirus shutdown, and how this will create a stunted transfer market this summer with struggling to buy, and thus struggling to sell too.

It sounds like the lower down the chain you go, the more seized up the whole mechanism will become, but at the top, teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid have bloated squads that they desperately need to trim.

They’re the ones who would like to sell most, and according to Mundo Deportivo teams on that level are all crossing their fingers that the takeover of Newcastle United is completed.

The proposed Saudi-backed buyout would leave the Premier League side as one of the few teams with money to spend this summer, and Real Madrid and Barcelona are hoping they could be persuaded to spend that cash on their unwanted squad players.

It could work out well, with players like Gareth Bale wanting a move, Newcastle looking for stars to start up their new project, and teams like Madrid needing to sell before they buy.

If they can get some money in and start spending, it could de-congest the whole system a little from top to bottom.

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