Eduardo Camavinga will not be allowed Real Madrid move this summer

Real Madrid have their eyes set on Eduardo Camavinga of Rennes as their top defensive midfield target of the summer, and it all looked like it was lining up nicely.

Zinedine Zidane had asked for the wonderkid, and it looked like both Real Madrid and Rennes were going to work to make the move happen, but according to Sport today, that’s no longer the case.

The 17 year old is one of Europe’s most coveted talents, and given his deal expires in 2022 Rennes need to time their sale well. In a year he will be worth less, but the transfer market might have recovered from this coronavirus nightmare, and Camavinga might have improved his value even further with another season under his belt.

One of the major shifts has been the arrival of a new owner at Rennes – one who isn’t as keen to sell his prized asset so easily. Combining all these factors suddenly mean a doable transfer for Madrid now looks very challenging.

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