Arsenal ask for more information about possible Ousmane Dembele move

Barcelona want to sell a few players this summer to raise money for transfers, and there’s nobody they would like to be rid of more than Ousmane Dembele.

The France winger’s signing has proved to be an absolute disaster, and his transfer from Borussia Dortmund is going down in history as an absolute stinker after he’s played just 74 games in 3 years.

The club would love to be rid of him, even at a loss on the enormous sum they paid, and according to Sport today, they may have found a buyer.

Arsenal have apparently asked to be informed about the winger’s future and the terms of a potential deal. The Gunners won’t be disposed to pay a lot, and may prefer a structured loan deal, but any avenue for the Blaugrana to rid themselves of their white elephant will have to be seriously looked at.

On Arsenal’s part it’s an expensive risk, but Barca are a distressed seller and a favourable compromise between the two might just work for both.