Barca unsure on La Liga’s “congested” season solution

Nobody is quite sure how the league will pan out in Spain this season, especially with the news that the lockdown in response to coronavirus will be extended again.

The working solution from La Liga is to play the games in a short burst at the end of the summer, when it’s considered safe for the players to congregate again.

This will mean blitzing through a game every 3 days for over a month.

In theory, it allows the season to be wrapped up in time to start the new one – but it creates problems of its own.

AS this afternoon are reporting on Barcelona’s feeling on the idea. The Catalan giants are extremely concerned about the potential injury impacts on players, as well the “mental cost” of travelling and playing in such a punishing schedule.

They’re right to be worried, although given they have perhaps the best squad in the entire league to use through the tricky period, they should be the least concerned – who exactly are the likes of Osasuna going to be putting in their lineup for their 8th game in 3 weeks, or whatever it ends up being?