Kylian Mbappe adds Zinedine Zidane to France dream team

There’s been no football played in Europe’s top leagues for almost two months now, and players and publications are having to delve into the realms of fantasy to fill their time.

There’s plenty to be said for that though – it’s always fascinating to hear what players and managers think of their colleagues from the past.

Kylian Mbappe is perhaps the most coveted player in world football, so any hint he might be moving clubs is always seized on. Today, AS have noted that in a fantasy France team picked by the PSG forward he selected Zinedine Zidane.

Of course, inevitably this is being taken as a flirtation with the Real Madrid manager, perhaps as the precursor to a move to La Liga in the future. Certainly it’s enough to get some Real fans a little excited, just as it did when Eden Hazard would make similar overtures while at Chelsea.

But it’s probably not worth reading too much into – how could French a kid born in 1998 not put the legendary Zizou in his team?

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