Barcelona star Dembele in “invisible” quarantine

Footballers have all been locked up in quarantine just like the rest of us, and they’ve been entertaining themselves in much the same ways too.

Numerous social media challenges, charity efforts and training videos have done the rounds, and bored players have been Very Online for weeks now.

AS note that every single Barcelona player has posted something from their confinements – except one.

Ousmane Dembele, almost an outcast from the squad at this stage, has not appeared yet on the internet. He’s described as being “invisible” at this point, a rather sad state of affairs for a player who can be electrically exciting on the pitch when at his best.

His most recent injury issues sees him ruled out until August, and there’s no telling where he will be playing at that point – or indeed what state football finds itself in.

Certainly if you’re looking at his social media for clues, you’re barking up the wrong tree.