La Liga could lose €1billion due to coronavirus pandemic – Tebas

La Liga president Javier Tebas has reiterated that ending the 2019/20 is not under consideration and said clubs would lose €1billion in such a scenario.

Spanish football has been suspended indefinitely and the country is in the midst of a state of emergency which will stay in place until 26 April at the earliest.

As highlighted by The Association Press, league chief Tebas held a conference call with international journalists on Tuesday morning to clarify the league’s current stance.

Tebas said, as cited by ESPN: “If we don’t resume, the economic impact on Spanish clubs, including money from European competitions, would be worth around €1billion.

“That figure is not just based on league revenue, but also includes money teams won’t get from Champions League revenue. The losses will be €300 million if games are played behind closed doors and then €150m if we resume with fans because of the damage that has already been caused.”

Tebas went on to say that the league was considering all options and paths in order to complete the outstanding fixtures of the current campaign.

“The current scenarios being discussed are to restart the Spanish league on May 28, June 6 or or even up until June 28,” he added. “But we will have to see what happens in April. And it’s not just about Spain, but what happens elsewhere.

“UEFA is contemplating two scenarios for European competitions. The first one involves league and European competitions being played in parallel: leagues at the weekend and European games in midweek.

“The other scenario is for two blocks. First of all, domestic competitions would be played up until July, then European matches would be played in July or August, depending on when all the leagues can finish.”

Tebas went on to say that fixtures being staged behind closed doors was an extremely likely outcome, while reduced capacities may begin to be introduced at a suitable point and upon the advice of the health authorities.

“We won’t start that debate now as it is sterile and will only generate conflicts of interest, which is what is happening in other countries,” Tebas said of the league being declared null and void.

“Just by chance, the people who don’t want to continue with competitions are the ones at the bottom and competing to avoid relegation.

“But cancelling the season isn’t something we are talking about. We are not considering at all that we are not going to get back to playing matches.”

There are 11 rounds of La Liga remaining for the 2019/20 campaign.

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