Atletico Madrid president warns of ‘huge’ financial damage to La Liga clubs in case of suspension

Atletico de Madrid president Enrique Cerezo has warned of the ‘huge’ economic damage if La Liga decides to suspend the current season.

A report in Cadena Cope on Thursday claimed that the league have instilled a plan that will see the rest of the fixtures be held, even if they have to be behind closed doors, due to the spread of coronavirus.

It is said that this grand plan would be able to go ahead even in the event that this summer’s European Championships were cancelled – which appears to be a growing possibility.

“The economic damage is huge, they have given some numbers (about €600m), that could not happen,” Cerezo told Cadena Cope.

“Keep in mind right now that the clubs make a lot of money from television and that it would be terrible for all the clubs to suspend it.

“Is suspension possible? The truth is that I do not know, at the moment it is two weeks but I do not know how far it can go.

“The possibility is something I do not contemplate, but I am not an expert in this type of situations either. I hope not, for the good of football and for everyone.

“I am going to live a normal life tomorrow. Now, I do not have any symptoms, which does not mean that I do not have it tomorrow.”

The report continues that a failure to fulfil the remainder of the season would see €700m disappear from the clubs and many of this is financed by banks.

It adds that Barcelona would stand to lose approximately €160m, with the player’s wage budget reduced by a total of 25% in such an event.

La Liga has confirmed that all Spanish football has been suspended for the next two weeks in light of the spread of the coronavirus.

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