Real Sociedad adopt ingenius new tactic to stop Messi free kick

Besides a couple of half chances it’s been a pretty uneventful affair at the Camp You game between Barcelona and Real Sociedad.

With Barcelona looking to reclaim top spot after their defeat to Real Madrid in last week’s El Classico, the game has been largely without incident.

Well, that was until a Barcelona free-kick on the edge of Real Sociedad’s box – an area in which Lionel Messi thrives with his laser-like free-kick accuracy.

Many teams have looked skyward searching for the answer of how to stop the Argentinian genius scoring so many free kicks.

It looks as though Real Sociedad have come up with an ingenious new tactic. As Messi prepared to take his kick, Sociedad flooded their own area covering the whole goal with players and obscuring Messi’s view.  Moreover, it was nigh impossible to see an area in which Messi could place his shot.

Messi stepped up and struck the ball as sweetly as ever but it was headed away with ease by Sociedad’s defence.

Could this tactic be how you stop Lionel Messi’s free kicks? If so, it is bound to be taken up by every club in European football.

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