Neymar suing former club Barcelona for third time

Former Barcelona star Neymar is set to sue the club for a third time as he demands €6.5m over tax contingencies, report El Mundo.

Back in December, El Mundo reported a legal case had been brought forward by the Brazilian over an alleged €3.5m in unpaid wages from the Catalan club.

The star has accused Barca president Josep Maria Bartomeu of acting with ‘absolute bad faith’ and having applied ‘reprisals’ against him for having signed for Paris Saint-Germain.

The Brazilian has already been fighting his former club in the court as he believes he is owed a whopping €43.6m from the Blaugrana alongside 10% of the fee in interest, roughly standing at €4m.

The €43.6m stems from a renewal bonus which was included in the contract, which the former Santos player alleges he has not yet received.

Separately, the Blaugrana are claiming they are owed money by their former player from the first part of the renewal bonus included in that contract, alongside €8.5m in damages and interest.

This has all been played out to the backdrop of the Catalan giants attempting to resign Neymar, who joined PSG in a world record €222m deal back in the summer of 2017.

This is a new row which has appeared to make a return even more unlikely as Neymar accuses the club of promising him money which is yet to be paid.

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