Pep Guardiola warns Barcelona: “Don’t speak too loudly on Man City ban”

Pep Guardiola has warned his former club Barcelona not to speak too loudly about Manchester City’s ban from European football.

The City boss made the comments after being asked about Blaugrana president Josep Maria Bartomeu supporting European football’s governing body Uefa over City’s punishment.

It came after City beat West Ham United 2-0 in a rearranged Premier League encounter on Wednesday night, when the home fans made clear their anger at Uefa’s decision.

There were frequent anti-Uefa chants in the first half, and some supporters brought banners, including examples which read ‘Uefa cartel’ and ‘Uefa mafia’.

The club have received a two-year ban from playing in the Champions League or Europa League following a lengthy investigation from Uefa.

“I don’t know if they spy on me but they know me, it is not necessary to spy on me,” Guardiola somewhat cryptically told reporters on Wednesday, as cited by El Mundo.

“If they are happy we are suspended, I say to the president of Barcelona, give us two appeals.

“I ask right now the people trust what they have done. Don’t talk too loud Barcelona. That is my advice, because everybody is involved in situations.

“We are going to appeal and hopefully in the future we can play Champions League against Barcelona.”

Guardiola – who won two Champions League titles with Barcelona during his managerial stint at the club – also insisted he would not leave City of his own accord following the club’s ban from European football.

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