Spanish Supercopa ticket sales at just 9%

Spanish clubs have sold less than nine percent of their ticket allocation for the revamped Spanish Supercopa tournament.

A report in El Mundo outlines how paltry ticket sales have been for the event which is being staged in Saudi Arabia – a move which has proved hugely controversial – and the entire trip encompasses a total of 6,672km from Madrid.

Atletico Madrid have sold only 50 tickets while Valencia have sold just 26, and while Barcelona have sold circa 300 and Real Madrid 700 – many of these are said to be from fans and members based in the Middle East, rather than Spain.

The flights cost an average of €600 while after accommodation has been added into the costs, the total cost of the trip costs in the region of €1k.

It is said that Atleti have secured the trip for the 50 fans and they will give them tickets to the final for free, should Diego Simeone’s qualify for that stage.

Simeone's team will play in Jeddah against Barcelona on 9 January, 24 hours after the other semi-final between Valencia and Real Madrid.

This is the first time that the competition has encompassed more than two teams and has been played outside of Spain.

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