Luis Rubiales defends RFEF colleague over fraud allegations

RFEF President Luis Rubiales has reportedly defending his vice president Antonio Suarez Santana, over allegations of fraud within the association.

Suarez has been reportedly charged with improper financial activity, involving funds transferred between the main RFEF financial body and the Canary Islands Football Association.

According to a report in Spanish newspaper El Mundo, and followed up by Marca, Suarez has been accused of two counts of fraudulent behaviour in relation to the Canarian association.

Firstly he is alleged to have allowed a colleague as the subsidiary organisation personally receive money that had been earmarked for the building of new pitches in Gran Canaria and Tenerife.

And secondly, the 72-year old is also accused corroborating in a false application from the Canary Islands to secure RFEF funding for artificial training pitches on the islands.

Neinther project has been completed, despite official records of the requests, and Suarez denies any wrongdoing in either scenario.

President Rubiales has publicly declared his support for Suarez, however the veteran official will face an internal enquiry by the RFEF on January 21.

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