Javier Tebas to be re-elected La Liga president unopposed

Javier Tebas is said to be elected unopposed for a third term as president of La Liga, according to a report in Marca.

The 57-year-old assumed the position in 2013 and his current role was set to come up for election in October 2020, but he confirmed earlier this month that he would be seeking a renewed mandate.

It is expected his unopposed re-election will be confirmed on 23 December although Barcelona have lodged a complaint about club’s inability to endorse two candidates.

“I present my resignation as president of La Liga to open an electoral process to the presidency, to which I will myself will be running,” Tebas wrote on a statement presented on his Twitter feed.

“I hope to gain support to stay for a further four years.”

Tebas explained that he is running the elections 10 months ahead of the required renewal date as he believes it would give him a renewed mandate on a series of renewed issues.

Those include the renegotiations of TV rights within Spain, the league’s relationship with government (following the formation of a new national government from November’s election) and other bodies, alongside proposed changes in wider European football.

“A new political term is starting, where it is possible there may be laws and directives proposed which affect our institution and our interests,” the statement continued.

“The person who has to do it should do so with the backing of the clubs at least for four years.”

Tebas has been an outspoken and often controversial league chief, with multiple run-ins with a series of other leading bodies, most notably the Spanish FA.

The league and FA have opposed each other on a range of issues such as Friday and Monday night football, and the league’s power to play matches away from Spain – with Tebas an advocate for playing matches in Miami, Florida.

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