Celta Vigo complain over La Liga scheduling

Celta Vigo have lodged a complaint to La Liga over the scheduling of their home game with Osasuna, according to a report in Marca.

The league have scheduled the Galician side to host Osasuna on the night of the Three Kings festival in Spain, despite clearing the evening schedule of matches before that tie.

As the report adds, no official complaint has been made but the outlet understands Celta are displeasured at a time slot which is usually reserved for family dinners and that would significantly limit attendance.

It adds that there is a belief that a match taking place at such a time is harmful to ‘not being able to reconcile family obligations with his passion for football’.

Celta player and Spain international Brais Mendez has said: “By scheduling a match on that night, many children will have to choose between going to the parades or being at the stadium.

“I would want the game moved to a different time, for sure.”

La Liga are believed to have scheduled this game as to maximise the TV markets.