Gerard Pique’s FC Andorra sign Shakira’s nephew

The nephew of pop star Shakira has made his debut for the reserves of Andorra FC – the club owned by Barcelona defender Gerard Pique.

As outlined by ESPN FC, Tarik Antonio Mebarak made his debut for the club this weekend and highlights how Pique is the partner of Shakira and the father of her two children.

The former Spain international, through his company Kosmos, have recently taken control of Gimnàstic Manresawho will subsequently become an affiliate of FC Andorra – whom Pique officially bought in January.

That move saw Kosmos take full responsibility for the club’s debt after Andorra’s directors sanctioned the move at a general meeting, with the portfolio of clubs now growing.

The plans are said to be focused on Andorra becoming a professional club who will compete in the top two divisions of Spanish football, with Gimàstic providing support in allowing this reality to unfold.

Pique has become the club’s leading shareholder while the move will ensure that Gimàstic Manresa will become a Sports Public Limited Company.

Last year, FC Andorra competed in the Primera Catalana – the fifth level of Spanish football – but played in the third tier between 1980 and 1998, with a Copa del Rey fourth round appearance in 1991.

Now they are in the third tier of Spanish football after this summer’s ‘double promotion’ – they replaced replace crisis-stricken Reus in the Segunda B after Pique deposited the €452,022 fee for his club to be promoted.

Pique’s company Kosmos also have made business moves in tennis, esports, video games, eyeglasses, isotonic drinks and organic hamburgers.

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