Real Madrid 2018-19 budget approved by members

Real Madrid club assembly members have voted in favour of the club's spending from the 2018-19 season.

Los Blancos members ratified the budgeted spending for the last season, at an estimated €822.1M, by an in favour margin of 1,021 from 1,035 members.

Club official Pedro Jimenez also confirmed that they club have made a economic balance of €757.3M – excluding money gained from player transfer out of the club – an increase of 0.8% from 2017-18.

Jimenez also confirmed a working profit for the club in the region of €53.5M before tax, and at €38.4M after tax, an 23% increase in club profits from last season.

Currently the La Liga giants have a financial balance of €155.7M, with a debt of €27.1M as of June 2019.