Match reaction from the press room after Spain’s triumph against The Faroe Islands

Robert Moreno: 'Sergio Ramos is amazing.'

Manager Robert Moreno gave his reaction to Spain's TVE channel directly after Spain's sixth win in a row in Group F from their UEFA Euro 2020 group campaign.

The manager confirmed that: "We played quite well but we put a certain amount of gloss on the scoreline. It was complicated to play against eleven men behind the ball."

He added that: "In the first half we made it hard for ourselves but the second half we made small adjustments to be further advanced and break them down."

Speaking about individual performances, he insisted that: "David de Gea made two fantastic interventions and kept a clean sheet. All the players of the squad have an important role in the team and he will have game time.

"We believe in him and it is normal that players have dips in their form during their career."

On Sergio Ramos, he said: "I have congratulated him because it is amazing to have equalled the record of Iker Casillas. 

"There was a nice moment when Sergio came over to the bench to ask for Unai Núñez to debut with the team."

To conclude, he said: "The objective is almost assured but I prefer to go match by match.

"Today was important to demonstrate that you want to be a part of the team and the players have demonstrated this.

"It is important to keep winning for not just morale, but to finish top of the group so we secure a better group seeding in the future," the manager concluded.


Later, Captain Sergio Ramos gave his thoughts to the press, saying on his record: "I want to make it difficult for the next player to beat it.

"It is very difficult to have got to 167 matches for your country. It is a reward and a joy. Many years of working hard to get to this point.

"I would like to dedicate this and the victory to the family of Quini for his homage here in Gijón and for Luis Enrique and his family."

Speaking about his family, he cited his early formative years: "I had the fortune to make my debut at a young age and having the confidence of all my managers.

"Luckily, injuries have respected me and I wish I could defend this crest for a long time to come."

Speaking further about the record, he finished by saying: "The records are there to be broken. I like to go match by match and wake up every day with motivaton to get better.

"I hope to keep this youthful and energetic side of me for as long as possible to extend my record the furthest possible.

"I wish I could get to 200 matches playing with my country. That is my next objective to achieve," he finalized.

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