Real Madrid generate record profits

Real Madrid have recorded a record profit of €155m to increase their annual budget to €822m, report Marca.

The report states that the club’s operating income for the 2018/19 fiscal year has reached €757.3m, while club members must approve their accounts at the General Assembly on 15 September.

It states that the club figures have grown by 0.8% over the year, with the growth of the business side of the club offsetting the losses of failure in the Champions League last season.

The projected budget for this season is said to stand at €822.1m with a a pre-tax profit of €53.5m and making a net profit of €38.4m, growth of 23% from the previous year.

At next month’s General Assembly, the club members must also approve the absorption of CD Tacon as the women's side from July 2020.