Jose Bordalas: If you have a Spanish flag, they call you fascist

Getafe boss Jose Bordalas has criticised Spanish culture and believes that those who carry the national flag are labelled as ‘fascists.’

The Coach was responding to a question in an interview with El Mundo in which he was asked why so few football personalities appeared to be political, with Pep Guardiola – who supports Catalan independence from Spain – the exception.

“Here it is not well thought of that people opt for something or give their point of view,” Bordalas explained in a wide-ranging interview.

“Maybe that's why professionals try to be out of politics and of any kind of opinion, because we are a country where they immediately label you.

“We are seeing it now in Spain: if you carry the flag of your country then you are called a fascist. That does not happen in any country in the world: only in Spain, unfortunately.

“That freedom of expression with which people fill their mouths is not real. It is my humble opinion.”

Bordalas has been widely credited for his work at Getafe, whom he has guided back into European football for this campaign.

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