Cristiano Ronaldo: I needed a new motivation after Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo has explained why he joined Juventus a year ago: “After what I won at Real Madrid I needed another motivation.”

The Portugal superstar joined the Bianconeri in a €100m deal last summer after breaking multiple records in the Spanish capital, and helping them to four Champions League crowns across nine years.

“I changed a bit last year because I left Madrid, I needed extra motivation in my career after winning what I won in Madrid,” Ronaldo explained to Marca, after picking up a prestigious award from the Madrid-based outlet.

“I needed a change to be able to express my football because I think I still have a lot to offer: me, the fans, Juve, and I'm sure it will continue to be that way. I still feel motivated and I like what I do.

“Of course, what I like most is winning titles. Last year, thank God we won three: the (Italian Super) Cup, the league and League of Nations with Portugal, so it was a top year.

“I had nine years living here (in Madrid), a big part of my life was in Madrid and I don't talk only about football because everybody knows that, but about relationships in general.

“There are many stories that cannot be erased, the past does not go out. That's why I still have a house here, I come here from time to time, I'm doing the hotel, the hair clinic, gyms, friends too. It is a city that I love and I will always visit. I don't rule out living here one day at all.

“Marcelo is very happy here in Madrid. Everyone makes their life and I got along very well with him. I talk a lot with him, with Casemiro, with Pepe when he was here, Coentrao, I got along very well, in general with everyone. Marcelo is a very lively boy and I miss him.

“The Champions League? It is always the year of Juventus, of Madrid, of Barça, but in a competition like the Champions League there can only be one winner.

“I give you the example of Barcelona: how much money has invested the last five years in players and has not won the Champions League. That is not how it works.

“Juve has been reinforced very well and it is a team that will fight to win, as always, but it will depend on many factor.

“But as I say there is always no to become obsessed with the Champions League. Juve will win it, if it is not this year, hopefully it will be next, in two years, the way they work, how they are considering it. They have all the ingredients to be able to win it.”

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