Sergio Ramos fined €250,000 for cutting down centenary trees

Aguileña de Inversiones SA, the company of Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos, has been fined €250k for cutting down centenary trees.

On Friday, a Madrid court also declared the company must replenish the trees by making available to the City Council the trees for planting in the green areas, as outlined in Diario AS.

This is said by the report to be a very serious infringement of Law 8/2005 on the Protection and Promotion of Urban Arbolado of the Community of Madrid, which has led to the opening of a sanctioning file.

Proceedings opened in January of this year against the company who carried out several unauthorised cuttings in a plot located in La Moraleja.

It is said that between 60 and 90 trees of different species (pines, poplars, holm oaks and olive trees) many of them of great size, were cut down illegally by the company.

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