Real Madrid’s Luka Jovic: My talent is scoring goals

Real Madrid striker Luka Jovic has explained ‘my talent is to score goals’ and explained his remarkable rise to prominence.

The Serbian international joined Los Blancos in a deal worth €60m from Eintracht Frankfurt this summer and there is great anticipation surrounding his potential impact.

“Everybody in life has some talent, and I think mine is to score goals,” Jovic wrote in The Players Tribune, as cited by Marca.

“I do not know how I ended up playing as a striker, but ever since I can remember, I've always been obsessed with scoring.

“I remember watching Roger Milla's rewired tapes with Cameroon in the World Cup in 1990 and, of course, Ronaldo, the Brazilian, was obsessed with the way he dribbled past goalkeepers…I watched his goals and then imitated him at home.”

Jovic then went onto to explain painful childhood memories.

“When I was nine or ten years old, my older sister became very sick, without a doubt, it was the moment that marked our lives,” he continued.

“I have not talked much about this, but when I was nine or ten years old my sister was diagnosed with leukaemia and that It marked the life of my family .

“My mother had to stop working to take care of my sister and I lived with my father and grandfather, while training every day with the Red Star of Belgrade.

“When my sister overcame her illness, she gave me strength to succeed, I wanted to be a winner like her.

“I come from a town of 105 houses and now look at everything I have achieved and everything that is to come, everything in my life has gone by very quickly, I only dreamed of playing for Red Star a few years ago.

“Now I have played in a European semi-final, in top leagues and I want to play a World Cup and get to Real Madrid now is incredible.

“I have never doubted my courage, the most important thing for a striker is confidence.”

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