Spanish FA hit out at La Liga over Friday, Monday night games

The president of the Spanish FA Luis Rubiales has hit out at La Liga for scheduling matches on Friday and Monday nights for the new season.

On Friday, the Spanish league published the scheduling for the first three rounds of fixtures which included matches in both of the time slots, which are highly unpopular with fans.

Rubiales claimed that Friday night matches could only be played with prior agreement between the league, the FA and the clubs involved, while Monday night games should not happen at all.

Rubiales cites the Ministry for Culture and Sport as also having a saw on the controversial matches, which numerous fan groups are desperate to eliminate ahead of the new season.

The nature of Spanish culture means that night matches during the week are tough for fans to attend, particularly those making trips to away grounds.

There have been numerous fan campaigns calling for both fixture slots to be pulled from the calendar with a full concentration of matches around Saturdays and Sundays, making the calendar more streamlined.

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