Alberto Moreno: During Liverpool’s Champions League final, I only thought of Reyes

Alberto Moreno, who has left Liverpool, has confessed: “I am a winner of the Champions League but I am not aware because I cannot stop thinking about Reyes.”

The two were former teammates at Sevilla and Jose Antonio Reyes passed away on Saturday morning, aged 35, ahead of the Champions League final.

Full-back Moreno was an unused substitute as Liverpool defeated Tottenham in the showpiece, and after the match donned a t-shirt with an image of Reyes.

“In the morning I come back from training and my uncle sent me a photo where the image of Sevilla’s twitter communicated the death of José Antonio,” reflected Moreno, as cited by Mucho Deporte.

“That moment my body shrunk and I could not believe it. When I saw that it was true, I started crying and until it was time for the game I was crying and could not eat.

“I got into all the social networks, televisions, all the news until the hour of the match there were only memories and I kept crying.

“I could only evade the issue during those two or three hours during the game. Once it was over, I was just thinking about getting that shirt.

“We were always together, I've lived with him during so many moments, so many laughs, so many beautiful moments, that today I still do not believe what happened.

“When I arrived in Seville, I went to see his relatives – what a bad moment, that cannot be forgotten about, after having seen those parents, those brothers, his wife…I, someone who also has children, is something very difficult to express.

“There are many moments that I have lived with him, but if I have to stay with one is the day we won the Europa League with Sevilla (in 2014).

“All the (Liverpool) players gave me their condolences, they knew we were very close, Klopp also spoke to me, he said he was sorry but we had a final ahead, I told him I was ready, it was a very difficult moment.

“I am a champion of the Champions League and I still have not really realised this because I cannot stop thinking about José Antonio. Yesterday in the tour I was able to evade a bit, but once that ends, I arrive at the hotel, I get into networks social, I see him again and I cry again.

“If Reyes wanted to, he could have been at the level of the Coutinho, Griezmann, people like that, I've trained with him, I can tell you that the best left-sided player I've ever seen.

“My future? It's always nice to go home, to Spain, to enjoy the sun again…right now I'm free, after five years in England, I would like to go back to Spain or to a nearby place.”

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