‘Seven Valladolid players bought’ to lose Valencia match

Seven Real Valladolid players were ‘bought’ to deliberately lose their final match of the season against Valencia, report El Mundo.

In a match-fixing operation in Spain which has become known as Operation Oikos, the stunning revelations appeared in the press on Monday evening.

“There were seven players bought, nothing more,” is one of the reported phrases by the now retired footballer Carlos Aranda, who has been arrested, which has been intercepted by the police.

Another reported saying from Aranda during the conversations was: “Bet €10k and you will take €20k.” Allegations suggest Valladolid players were informed to lose each half.

“Look brother, Valencia wins the first half and the second, okay?” continue the conversation.

“Listen to me, they win the first half and the second, they win the game…look, you know what it is, nobody can find out. Nobody is nobody, nobody, no your friends, or anyone.”

Last week, the Espejo Público programme on TV station Antena3 initially claimed that authorities were monitoring Valencia’s final day 2-0 win at Real Valladolid which saw Los Che win by two goals and qualify for the Champions League.

Valladolid were already safe from relegation, having won at Rayo Vallecano the previous week, and it is claimed several of their players are under investigation.

The report claims that there is no suspicion that officials of either club were involved in any ‘fixing’ process, but that it would solely have been between the players.

This follows on from reports that also claims that this game is under investigation alongside Valencia’s 6-2 win at Huesca late in the season alongside a 2-1 win for Real Betis over Huesca.

Los Che led by five goals at half time at Huesca while Betis needed a last-minute winner against Huesca – coming courtesy of a spectacular long-range effort from captain Joaquin.

It is reported that suspicions have come from ‘irregular betting patterns’ in and around all three of the games.

The news comes on the same morning as 11 people were arrested for alleged match fixing in Spain including the president of Huesca, as cited by El Pais.

The one game which has been confirmed as being under investigation was Gimnastic’s late 1-0 win at Huesca in La Liga 123 late in the 2017/18 campaign, when Huesca had already sealed promotion.

The other names include former Spain and Real Madrid player Raul Bravo and Borja Fernandez, who retired from football and ironically his final game was for Valladolid against Valencia.

Aranda, a Real Madrid youth product who played for several top flight clubs and Íñigo López Montaña, a player of Deportivo de La Coruña and formerly of Huesca were also among the detainees.

Agustín Lasaosa, president of the Huesca and Juan Carlos Galindo Lanuza, head of the medical services of the same club, were also brought in for questioning.

There is said to be focus by the police operation on three games spread across the top three divisions.