Ronaldo: You suffer more as owner than a player

Real Valladolid owner Ronaldo Nazario has revealed how he ‘suffers more’ in the role than he did during his playing days.

The club maintained their top-flight status this season while Ronaldo – one of the game’s most famed players of all time – gave an insight into his thoughts over the season.

“In the (presidential) box I try to suffer in silence and hidden away, but you suffer more than you did as a player,” Ronaldo told Marca.

“The day that was the worst that happened to me was that of us staying up, against Rayo, perhaps the God of soccer has helped us, but we have stayed up.

“I was looking at buying two teams within Europe and the offer that I liked the most was Valladolid, they had everything a project should have.

“Kylian Mbappe? It is true that he can look like me and my way of playing…I love Mbappe, he has a lot of speed and power and he is only 20. He has a lot of talent.

“My relationship with (Real Madrid) Florentino Perez?I've had three presidents who have inspired me: Moratti (Inter), Florentino and Andrés Sánchez, from Corinthians, but with Florentino he's the closest person I have had.”

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