La Liga lazy with exporting game abroad – Sevilla official

The chief marketing officer of Sevilla has accused La Liga of ‘laziness’ in their attempts to export the ‘product’ of the league involved.

Ramon Loarte also believes playing Spanish top flight matches abroad ‘will come’ but criticised the idea of a European Super League.

“Honestly, I think we all have been very lazy understanding that the Spanish league is worldwide,” Loarte is cited as saying by Associated Press.

“Twenty years ago they started with an international strategy, creating branches, offices in different parts of the world.

“It's bad for us to be that lazy or to have been that lazy, but now everything's over and all the clubs are pushing La Liga, and La Liga is doing a great job in terms of internationalisation.

“Why not, to play an official game in the U.S.? I think in the near future, it will come.

“In my opinion, Barcelona and Madrid, they will lose more if they leave the domestic league rather than they would win, because at the end the real passion for Real Madrid and Barcelona is from Spain.

“European Super League? I think it is a mistake and I think all the big clubs in Europe, they will find out the way to maintain the domestic competitions in good health.”