Monchi on Sevilla return: Godfather II better than Godfather I

Sevilla sporting director Monchi is hopeful his return to the club will be akin to the Godfather II film following up to the first film.

The critically acclaimed crime drama films are often referenced as a rare case of when a second film in a series is better than the original.

Monchi is back at Sevilla after two years away, having been the club’s sporting director between 2000 and 2017, following a mixed stint at Roma.

“Victor Orta (Leeds United's director of football) told me Godfather II is better than GodFather I,” Monchi told his press conference following his return to the club, when asked if returning could be seen as a mistake.

“I have chosen the sporting project which convinced me and which appealed to me the most. That project was that of Sevilla.

“The future of Coach Joaquin Caparros? He is an example of Sevilla and has a fantastic record here over many years, it would be absurd to change this.

“I have the duty to reinvest my personal growth into the club I love.

“I’m not here to save anyone, Sevilla aren’t in any problems. I’m here because the vision they have fits in perfectly with the vision I have and want for Sevilla in the future.

“I'm here because of the total trust of the #Sevilla president, the general manager and the assistant general manager. They like me. Do I have a message for Sevilla fans? Trust me too, I can contribute.

“I hope to make another step up here to make the difference. We can improve both in the sporting and economic sense. We aspire for success.”

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