Cristiano Ronaldo: ‘Serie A harder to score in than La Liga’

Juventus forward Cristiano Ronaldo is ‘very happy’ in Italy and does ‘not miss Spain’, believing La Liga is easier to score in than Serie A.

The Portuguese striker joined the Bianconeri in a €100m deal from Real Madrid last summer but has no intention of leaving the Turin club any time soon.

“I do not miss Spain or Portugal,” Ronaldo told an interview with DAZN.

“Things are as they are, obviously I left a lot of friends, I left a great club, I left a club that gave me a lot of love, people, friends…but I do not miss the country itself because I have the same here.

“It has not been difficult for me, everything has been very intense, interesting, different but I have adapted well (to Italy).

“In my opinion, in the Italian league it is more difficult to score than in the Spanish league, the Spanish league is more open, the teams risk more, the priority here is to defend well and then attack. In Spain it is not like that, it is always open game for almost all the teams, I also played in England for five years and I think the league in which it is more difficult to score is the Italian one.

“The balance I have here is very positive, I feel good at the individual level, I feel adapted to the Italian league and it is a difficult league, in my opinion, the most difficult for the strikers.

“This is a league with a lot of quality, I did not expect the Italian league to have this quality and I am happy, my family and my children are happy, everything is positive.

“We adapt well, my family likes Italy, it is a different reality, a different country, a different language and culture but I have adapted well.

“I have always lived away from home since I was 11-years-old so I have no problems adapting to another country. I went to England when I was 18, to Madrid when I was 25 and to Turin when I was 33. It is not difficult for me to adapt to a different country or culture.

“The Champions League game against Atletico Madrid? As I said it will be a difficult match, Atletico are a team that has played two Champions League finals in the last four years.

“We know it will be difficult but, if Juventus play well, we will get through.”

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