Dani Carvajal: ‘Real Madrid have lost everything in a week’

Real Madrid defender Dani Carvajal admits the club’s season is ‘clearly over’ and has lamented that they have ‘lost everything this week’.

The full-back was speaking after his side’s 4-1 humiliation at home to Ajax on Tuesday, which saw their first elimination from the Champions League since May 2015.

“We have lost everything this week, and it all came at home,” Carvajal told Movistar after the game.

“Ajax were better than we were and they deserved this victory, we did not play well after losing two consecutive home defeats against Barcelona which is not easy.

“We made two mistakes early and were two goals down and chasing the game, so when the third goal went in that killed us.

“We will keep fighting and keep being professional, but our season is over and we cannot hide the fact this has been rubbish for us, and right now I cannot explain it.”

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