Emilio Butragueno: ‘Real Madrid don’t discuss officiating decisions’

Real Madrid director Emilio Butragueno clarified his club ‘do not discuss officiating decisions’ but voiced his support for VAR technology.

The club’s director of institutional relations was asked directly about a decision leading to Madrid’s second penalty in their 2-1 victory at Levante on Sunday.

A spot kick was awarded for a challenge on Brazilian midfielder, although replays appear to show that the penalty was unjust.

“Real Madrid do not discuss officiating decisions, we have never done it and I do not like,” Butragueno explained, as cited by Marca.

“VAR is a very useful piece of technology which should be utilised, it is beneficial for the sport but of course when something is new, it needs time to work.

“Bale’s celebration? It is not important, the key thing is that he took his penalty well at a critical point in the match and his performance was good.”

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